Communication Impact Sales and Marketing – Covid-19

Communication Impact Sales and Marketing – Covid-19

Dear Client, Dear Partner,

Following recent government announcements and the spread of Covid-19 in our country, we have decided to take additional measures to limit this exponential phenomenon.

We focus on the health and safety of our employees, their families and communities. We have decided, that it was safer to keep our collaborators at home with immediate effect.

As from today, we’ve introduced economical unemployment for all our fixed employees.

Internal colleagues have been equiped with all the tools/technologies to work efficiently from home.

There is a permanence in place to answer all your questions.

We no longer receive visitors to our offices and our employees do not attend any meetings. All appointments are postponed or converted to video-conferences.


We want to reassure you, that even more and stronger than ever, we will be fully at your service as soon as the situation normalizes.


We wish you lots of strength and energy for the coming weeks.

Respect « Social Distancing »

Good luck and take good care of yourself, your loved ones and your collaborators.


We remain fully at your entire disposal for advice and support.


Take Care & Keep it Safe

Together we are strong!

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