B.I. & insights

We turn data into actions
& actions into better results.

  • We have developed a set of powerful tools, techniques & methods to provide a real assistance in the decision making process when it comes to define the initial targeting of an operation or when it comes to take corrective actions during the mission.


  • Our aim is to understand and help you understand which activations & operations deliver the best return so we can focus our best resources on doing the right things, in the right stores with the right brands at the right time!


  • The data in-depth analysis, the performance scoring, the gap & growth potential analysis are crucial indicators for the ROI optimisation for our clients.


  • Impact Sales & marketing provide easy-to-use sets of indicators in real time, relevant and easily understandable through a user friendly & full responsive visual analytical platform.


  • We provide you with:
    • support in your decision making process
    • ability to target the growth potential stores Optimize ROI
    • ability to increase field productivity
    • ability to monitor & take corrective actions
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