AB Inbev • In-store Promotion

AB Inbev

CLIENT: AB Inbev On Trade

PROJECT: Animation

SERVICE: Tastings drinkcenters & parking sales

Over 800 years ago, AB Inbev found its humble beginnings in the experienced brewing hands of Belgian monks. It was in their abbeys where one of our original beer brands, Leffe, came to be.


Today AB Inbev is considered as one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in the world!


From local brews to beloved classics to historic recipes, they brew it all. With well over 500 brands and countless beer varieties, AB Inbev is committed to making beer part of life’s greatest moments for the next 100+ years.


Besides their passion for beer, AB Inbev’s success is also due to a clear vision: “We believe in taking responsibility and owning the results. That’s why we’re constantly raising the bar and are never satisfied with ‘good enough’.”


Driven by this vision, AB Inbev requested IMPACT Sales & marketing to create an instore experience in the on trade channel. The mission was to organise high-end tastings and ultimately boost sales significantly.

Inspired by their brewmasters devotion to create beers that are loved around the world, we formed a selected team of ambassadors that reflected the same passion.


With a presence in more than 2.000 wholesalers we carefully selected drinkcenters with enough potential clients for tasting, drinkcenters that would support these tastings and create added value for AB Inbev throughout the year.


Bringing out the best in our people, intensive briefings were organised each quarter. The beers highlighted for tasting changed quarterly to adjust the focus to seasonal preferences.


Thanks to an in depth training focused on product tasting, sales and roll plays our people became true ambassadors of the AB Inbev brand, ready to inspire others!


During each tasting they made sure that every customers’ experience with AB Inbev beer was a positive one. Clients could enjoy the AB Inbev beers while our ambassadors highlighted the particular character of each beer. An extra promo was present during the animation to boost sales. We offered small degustations to make sure tasting was done in a responsible way.


We offered a webtool platform so AB Inbev could easily follow up on the results of their product sales, reactions of customers, pictures, Mystery checks, …


degustations agreed & executed each year


Tastings offered

  • Sales were boosted and exceeded expectations
  • The quality, diversity and passion of the brand stood out!
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