Nespresso • In-store demonstration

CLIENT: The Nestlé Nespresso SA Company

PROJECT: Nespresso boutique agent (Demo + merchandising)

SERVICE: In-store demonstration / degustation & merchandising

Nespresso was looking for support in demonstrations, coffee Tastings and operational tasks (ex: labelling, order preparation, dishes, …. ) at Nespresso Boutiques in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Being a first touch point (welcome desk) and being the one serving the Nespresso experience (coffee tastings), the Nespresso agent should be a master in translating the Nespresso brand to the customers, based on the Nespresso Trilogy (coffee, machines, service).


The core business of Nespresso is producing the best quality coffee in a single serving. The Nespresso agent had to understand the quality and aroma profiles of the Grands Crus coffees and deliver the customer a moment of genuine pleasure in the tasting area.


As the Nespresso coffee is only available via the Nespresso distribution network (internet, call center and/or boutique), Nespresso agents needed to be experts in guiding the consumers in finding the best service for them through the available Nespresso Services such as Boutique Pick Up, Nespresso your Time and Nespresso Proximity.


IMPACT Sales & Marketing set up a specific business model and approach to meet the specific Nespresso requirements. 

Our RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE was a crucial element for successfully completing the needs of Nespresso. We are constantly recruiting for the perfect Nespresso agent through job publications, social advertising, our own qualitative database and strategic cooperation with high schools and universities.


A ROBUST SELECTION for the recruitment of agents was put in place:

  • STEP 1: Selection of candidates who met the Nespresso standards (> 20 selection filters)
  • STEP2: A thorough phone interview process as well as reference checking procedure
  • STEP 3: Candidates who met the standards were invited for a personal InTake Interview.
  • STEP 4: After positive evaluation the candidate was invited for a training session. Before taking part they were obliged to undertake an e-learning test.
  • STEP 5: A Nespresso Training was organized. This training focused on product info, soft skills, … We have a specialized team of trainers who train people on a day to day basis. For these training sessions we had put in place different training levels to make sure each agent finds growth within his career path as a Nespresso agent
  • STEP 6: After the training, candidates were obliged to fill in the next stage of the e learning.
  • STEP 7: The agents were presented to the boutique and worked a “Test” day. After the 1st day we had an instant evaluation with the Boutique to make sure Nespresso standards were required.


The candidate finally became an official Nespresso agent when finishing all the steps and receiving positive boutique feedback


Thanks to 3 EVALUATION PILLARS we obtained accurate & timely feedback on agent interaction or work carried out at boutique level allowing us to action any issues immediately.

  • Impact Sales & Marketing offers MYSTERY CHECKS to track the performance of the agents. This info is shared in real-time with Nespresso.
  • NESPRESSO ACADEMY & IN-FIELD COACHING: live Training session, continuous e-learning, skills assessment tests & regular coaching in the field to ensure a high level of knowledge & compliancy with Nespresso expectations and to continuously upgrade our agents skills & knowledge
  • APPRECIATION OF THE BOUTIQUE MANAGER: We believe that close contact between Europromotion and boutique managers is vital to make sure the needs of every boutique are met.


Agents get a 2-MONTHLY SCORE on each of these 3 criteria’s/pillars. This info is shared with the agent and Nespresso throught a mobile field app and webtool platform so everyone can follow up on the results and progress in real time.


The agents are REWARDED with a present (cheques Nespresso, Gifts packs) depending on their overall score. The better the agent’s score, the more premium gift he can win.


demo hours agreed & executed per year


tastings per year

  • An overall mystery check score of 9/10
  • Several Nespresso agents were hired directly by Nespresso thanks to their excellent performance and knowledge
  • 5 extra Nespresso Boutiques opened in 2018 and requested Impact Sales & Marketing agents
  • A total of 16 boutiques were staffed by Impact Sales & Marketing in 2018
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